Work from home (away from home)

For those with the ability and the interest, there has always been a long list of reasons to consider an extended stay in place of a short vacation. It allows travelers to truly experience a place not as a passing tourist, but more like a new local tuning in to the uniqueness and authenticity of the people and the surroundings. The intricacies of the culture reveal themselves gradually, through otherwise ordinary activities like daily coffee on the central square, and conversations that deepen with increasingly familiar faces found there.

These meaningful interactions are often the things that linger longest in the memory, along with flashes of imagery reinforced by daily walks along winding streets or the nature routes above, and the increasing sense of belonging that comes with an extended presence in special place. And while the Covid-19 pandemic will likely have a lasting impact on the nature and nearness of interpersonal experiences away from home, the long term rental or extended stay now also presents some additional advantages in an altered travel landscape.


At least in the near future, it would seem that the short holiday characterised by a whirlwind tour of city centers and popular sites of interest is a much less attractive proposition. Meanwhile, many people have recently discovered that working from home is not only a viable alternative but in fact a preferable and safer option that need not sacrifice productivity or effectiveness on the job. You see where this is going… why not work from a home away from home?

Now more than ever, booking an extended stay at a private rental property makes sense, allowing the exploration of a new terrain and immersion in a new culture. Imagine a secluded property in beautiful, inspiring natural surroundings that can be enjoyed from behind a laptop computer on the terrace of your temporary home or in free time from the mountain nature reserve nearby. The views spread toward the sea, and over an authentic whitewashed village with a thousand years of history. Imagine that a private chef can cater for you there, and that your groceries for self-catering can be delivered so you needn’t mingle in a busy supermarket. All of this is available now at Cortijo El Carligto.


The Carligto Estate is secluded and private, but near enough to the coast and multiple towns and villages for access as needed. The culturally rich area has much to offer, including numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites within easy reach for day trips, such as the Alhambra in Granada and the Mezquita in Cordoba. A long-term stay allows for a gradual exploration and deep inspection of all aspects of the culture and surroundings that one finds most intriguing. And unlike an average rental property, El Carligto comes with a property manager available to answer questions and generally help guide explorations.


In addition to the shopping service and seven personal chefs available for meals and cooking courses, guests can enjoy many other private services right at the property. These include such things as a Yoga instructor, Flamenco dance and guitar lessons or live performances, a language teacher, painting lessons, wine tasting, trail guide, massage therapist and more.


Awarded “best rural escape in Spain” by Condé Nast Traveler on the Gold List for 2019-20, what better place for an extended escape? A transformational experience awaits.

Please enquire for seasonal rental rates. Significant discounts from the standard weekly rate apply for visits of one month or more; price varies depending on the season and length of stay.

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