The Seven Chefs: A New Gastronomic Exploration

Year after year, we at Cortijo el Carligto strive to explore and discover the richness of Malagueñan cuisine in ever more depth. We love Spanish food, the Andalusian traditions and the freshness of Mediterranean seafood straight from the sea we overlook every day from the estate. Now we are proud to expand our already remarkable offering for guests staying at our private Andalucían Hideaway, and to share the world class gastronomy of our region.

We have assembled a troupe of some of the finest chefs in the area, seven of them in all, capable of delivering a different meal of the highest quality each night of the week. Each chef brings a unique style, character and personality to the table, while they collectively deliver a diversity of cuisines and levels of service. Some of our chefs have even been honored with Michelin ratings.

This unique and privileged gastronomic exploration is the first of its kind at a private property in Southern Spain. The estate owners have hand-picked a talented troupe of some of the finest chefs in the area, each of which will deliver guests a different meal of the highest quality each night of the week. Each chef (some of which boast Michelin ratings) flaunts a unique style, character and personality, delivering a diversity of cuisines to temp the most discerning palates. Each chef brings a taste of Spain to the table; however, the cuisine ranges from Japanese and Asian fusion, to the freshest of local Mediterranean seafood and traditional Spanish. Vegetarian and vegan feasts are also available, and who doesn’t love a champagne Sunday brunch?

Explore the culture and cuisine of Andalusia without ever leaving your luxurious private villa at the Carligto Estate. Each of our chefs will gladly engage guests in show cooking demonstrations or hands-on cookery courses, and all enthusiastically share their kitchen secrets with curious patrons.


Our veritable smorgasbord of fine, hand picked chefs includes:

David Palacios

Resident Chef at the Carligto Estate, David Palacios has served guests here to great satisfaction and praise for many years. As a private chef, his creativity is unfettered and his approach unique for each group he serves. Founded in traditional Andalusian cuisine, David’s plates display a modern and elegant twist of his own unique design.

Detako, by David Merino Río and Elena Turatello

David Merino is a master of new Japanese cooking and traditional sushi, though he is well versed in classic French, Italian and other cuisines as well. His innovative approach to flavour combinations and precision presentation are unsurpassed. Assisted by Elena Turatello, their service is impeccable and the meals they serve truly unforgettable. 



Carlos Pardo Rodriguez

Head chef and owner of Restaurante Oliva in Nerja, Carlos developed the site into one of the finest restaurants in Nerja and, indeed, anywhere along the coast between Malaga and Almuñecar. Already a familiar face at El Carligto, his style is fresh and innovative, while every plate is as pretty as a picture. Restaurante Oliva has been listed in the Michelin guide for three years running.


Juan Quintanilla

Rivaling Oliva for the top spot in Nerja, Juan’s Restaurante Sollun is a much loved staple. With a modern flair, he channels the essence of Spain with rich, meaty dishes including variances of Iberian pork and offal, as well as the delicate flavours of the Mediterranean. Quintanilla’s previous restaurant in Marbella boasts a Michelin star he helped earn.


Abraham Garrote Costa

A native of Andalusia, Abraham appears well on his way to earning a Michelin star at his Restarante La Solana in Fuengirola. His love for the sea and seafood saw him learn underwater fishing and has carried on into the kitchen. Known as the “seafood chef”, Abraham visits the market each morning to see what is fresh and what inspires. Every day sees a different possibility in La Solana, as well as at El Carligto.



Sergei Vera

Private chef Sergei Vera hails originally from Madrid but has travelled extensively and lived abroad before settling in Andalusia. His experience gives him a unique and varied repertoire covering classic French and European as well as Thai and South East Asian cuisine, including handmade Dim sum. His commitment to fresh, organic ingredients yields home-grown herbs and produce on the plate wherever possible. An affinity for brunch service and special aptitude for vegan and vegetarian food rounds out Sergei’s diverse offering.

Evelien van ’t Hoog

A native of the Netherlands and a former restaurant chef, Evelien is the founder of supper club Rooftop Table which was an immensely popular dining experience during Andalusian summers. Evelien specialises in fusion cuisine, with Mediterranean and modern Asian flavours among her favourites. Whether it is a complete 4-course meal or a 7-course tasting menu of small delectable dishes, with her varied repertoire Evelien is well positioned to provide an unforgettable experience for reunions and events at the El Carligto Estate.


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