Immersive Flamenco Experiences at Cortijo El Carligto

Nothing captures the passion and culture of Andalucía quite like the Flamenco art form. With hundreds of years of tradition and ambiguous origins, Flamenco is as mysterious as it is captivating. It's no wonder Flamenco has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status! Join us here at Cortijo El Carligto for a personalised, in depth exploration of this uniquely Andalucían craft and first hand experience of the techniques, power and “duende” of Flamenco.

As with any visit to Cortijo El Carligto, we can tailor your experience to suit your particular interests, and level of knowledge or practice. Focus your efforts on learning Flamenco dance skills, or immerse yourself in Flamenco guitar. You can be as engaged and active as you like, or apply yourself more to an almost academic approach by observing, studying and interacting with our Flamenco specialists. Whatever balance you might choose, you’ll enjoy many opportunities for active participation as well as spectating and discovering your own understanding of “duende”. All levels of experience are welcome.


No visit to El Carligto would be complete without a tantalising gastronomic experience as well, so plan to sample the best of Andalucían cuisine right from the Carligto estate with one of our seven different private chefs. You’ll be welcomed with tapas and wine on arrival, and a goodie basket full of local delicacies. All other services will be available during your down time as well; enjoy a relaxing massage, meditative yoga sessions, guided hikes in the adjacent mountain park, and beauty treatments if you so choose.

Sample inclusions:

  • Flamenco dance workshops for women and men.
  • Flamenco guitar lessons.
  • Guided visits to local “tablaos”, or live Flamenco bars.
  • Guided visit to Malaga and the Flamenco museum.
  • Gastronomic experiences to explore the traditions of Andalucían cuisine, including an in-house private chef and cooking courses.
  • Send off party with gourmet dinner and private performance from local Flamenco troupe. Guests have the opportunity to perform for the group as well.
  • Custom dance shoes, tailored Flamenco skirt or dress.

Email flamenco@carligto.com to consult on a package that is right for you!