Ready for Guests: a COVID-19 update

Finally we are starting to see some positive and promising news on the travel front as the world continues to grapple with Covid-19 and the associated fallout. At El Carligto we are still primarily focused on the health and safety of our loved ones, collaborators and guests, while we are happy to hear that Spain is planning to open for foreign visitors from 21 June.

We do feel particularly well suited for what will surely be an altered travel landscape. From our launch in 2009 we focused on our secluded and beautiful location, paired with a service-oriented approach as a main selling point, but that seems to take on new significance moving forward. We’ve also refocused health and safety regimes in light of the coronavirus.


Travelers opting away from hotels, crowded beaches and city centres will enjoy the convenience and safety of numerous carefully tailored features and services at the Carligto Estate, including: 

- Highest hygiene and cleaning standards according to national public health recommendations and professional sterilization.
- Escort to the property, with digitally enhanced orientation to avoid personal contact on arrival. A representative will remain in contact for any questions or assistance.
- Up to date health and safety, with contact info and directions for the nearest public health clinic (with emergency service) at only 15 minutes drive, and the regional hospital beyond. A representative remains on call for emergency assistance.

Groceries can be stocked for arrival with a continuing shopping service available throughout the stay
Private chef service includes 7 different personal chefs.
Culinary services expanded to combine with shopping service. Recipes offered for locally inspired gourmet menus.

Yoga instructor available for open air practice. Sterile Yoga mats provided.

Flamenco dance lessons and live performances available out of doors to maintain distancing.

An adjacent, little-trafficked mountain nature reserve with endless trekking. Self-exploration or guided hikes possible.
Adapted tours still available for UNESCO sites in Cordoba and Granada, with unspoiled countryside in between.
Tips or guides for local deserted beaches.

Ultimately, guests can enjoy all aspects of the Carligto Estate as ever, and if they prefer to not leave the property but have everything provided, that is entirely possible. As Conde Nast Traveler’s “Best rural escape in Spain” (2019-2020), what better place for retreat?

It is our aim that our guest’s experiences will not be diminished whatsoever, yet enhanced by a worry free sense of security. Any concerns or advanced requests, as always, will be met with our utmost efforts.

It's worth noting that our local village of Canillas de Aceituno has not suffered a single case of COVID-19. There's some speculation as to what may have helped our village and many others of our region avoid the crisis: "COVID-free in Canillas".

Malaga, Andalusia, and El Carligto await you.  Come to El Carligto; let the rest come to you.

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