Why Andalusia in Springtime will Soothe Your Soul

Andalucia is a very special region loved not only for its history and culture, but also for its natural beauty. Indeed, there are 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Spain and no less than seven of these are found here in Andalucia. Nature has a graceful way of slowing us down and bringing us together. From stopping to marvel at the gently rhythmic hum of the cicadas, to strolling through bountiful olive groves and sitting under unworldly skies, the countryside reminds us of the simplest joys. Savour the tastiest Spanish cuisine, be naturally entertained by new delights, and best of all, relax. Here in our delectable corner of Andalucia, unspoiled springtime awaits.

Springtime in Andalucia

Andalucia is beautiful all year around, but it is Springtime in Andalucia which perhaps moves the soul most deeply. Visit the South Andalucian region in March and you will discover the Malaga Axarquía where the white of the almond and cherry blossoms provide a beautiful backdrop to the green of the fields, or the Granadino Altiplano, in which the poppies punctuate the landscape with their blood red hue.

The kaleidoscope of springtime flowers isn’t the only visual delight; as soon as spring arrives and the sun’s warmth increases, butterflies start to appear in Andalucia, flitting and dancing around you as you walk the picturesque countryside. “Lepidoptera” is the family name for a variety of butterflies and moths, and you'll see plenty on your Spanish holiday here in Andalucia. Cornflower blue, impossibly bright yellows, fiery reds and dainty whites will provide the rainbow fluttering alongside you on your walk or hike in the countryside.

The Gardens at El Carligto

Perched high amongst the breathtaking 360 degree mountainscapes of the nature reserve, our own gardens here at El Carligto are a magical combination of meandering terraces and heart-stirring vistas. You get a ‘top of the world’ feeling as the landscape drops away into the valley below and spreads out to the Mediterranean, while La Maroma, the imposing peak looming above and to the east at over 2000m, dominates the landscape and gives you a sense of permanence and power to balance the sea.

The same family owned and farmed these hillsides for many generations, and still maintain many of the surrounding vineyards. We take great pride in the mature Mediterranean gardens and lush courtyards which ensure privacy and seclusion for our guests. The outside kitchen complete with pizza oven invites you to dine under starry skies (which seem especially clear and vast during the onset of spring). The gallery walkway connecting one end of El Carligto to the other through the courtyard seamlessly merges the indoors with the outdoors. The outdoor terrace blends beautifully from its connection with the house and to its connection with the wild landscape beyond. The imposing beauty of the surrounding landscape can be enjoyed from the numerous terraces and cool shady spots in the garden, and we love Spring in Andalucia for the way that the landscape seems to spring to life.

Nestled amidst wild olive and almond trees, we can’t wait to welcome you to our charming rustic farmhouse country estate this Springtime. As Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.

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