Luxury Mindfulness Retreat

A Luxury Retreat for Mindfulness in Southern Spain

Axarquía, in the subtropical southernmost part of Spain, lies within easy reach of the well-trodden streets of Malaga yet far enough away in spirit that this stunning region is still (miraculously) a bit of a secret. Axarquía offers a feeling of ancientness and escape. You can feel miles away from your day-to-day life and find yourself in a place which is close to nature, reveling in tranquility and peace. From your exclusive hilltop luxury villa here at El Carligto, you can sit by the pool and gaze out across the ocean to Morocco as the land seemingly falls away before you, with nothing but your thoughts and daydreams for company. A state of mindfulness is more easily achieved when able to relax in such ambrosial surroundings. Guests fortunate enough to stay at this very special brace of private villas in Andalucia can find serenity by indulging in on-site cooking courses, massage and spa treatments and enjoy uninterrupted, sublime rejuvenation and wellbeing. The property and surrounding nature offer perfect opportunities for yoga sessions and introspective mountain hikes as well.

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Retreat Malaga

It's easy to stop noticing the beautiful world immediately around us as we become consumed by outside influences and distractions. Although the phrase seems to have been bandied about everywhere from colouring books to CDs in recent times, the art of mindfulness is certainly not a new phenomenon. Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation that, although a common practice of the ancient Eastern Buddhist religion, was little known in the West until recently. The idea behind this way of thinking is that by becoming more mindful, we can become aware of the present moment which in turn helps us to better enjoy the world around us and find a deeper understanding of ourselves.

An important part of mindfulness is reconnecting with our bodies and the sensations they experience. This means waking up to the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the present moment. The beautiful natural environment of El Carligto really provides the opportunity to connect at a deeper level, thanks in no small part to the beautiful surroundings, relaxing ambiance and amazing food created by talented in-house chefs. During the Islamic civilisation, Spain developed the most philosophical relationship with food, and there is still a strong ethos today that gastronomy is crucial for restoring and preserving one’s health. At El Carligto we excel in creating epicurean experiences which will enrich your life and blaze your senses.

The Malaga Epicurean Spa Break

Experience sublime pampering and expert holistic treatments at the hands of your in-house therapists, before being served local delicacies by your own private chef in the comfort of your luxury villa. A visit to the authentic hammam baths in Malaga’s old town (complete with aromatherapy, oil and salt exfoliation, lymph drainage or a massage with water an
horsehair glove) if requested will completely relax you and open your body and mind to rejuvenation. On returning to the villa, savour each bite and relish each sip of carefully-selected wine, reveling in the present and appreciating every single delicious moment. The mindfulness which can be achieved after a day of indulging each new sight, sound, taste, smell and touch will help you to find inner peace and utter rejuvenation.

Sample Inclusions

Every visit is tailored to your desires to help you achieve your own optimum mindfulness and wellness; however, the package may include:

* Minimum four nights at Cortijo El Carligto or The Hunting Lodge
* Tapas and wine tasting on arrival
* A welcome hamper with local culinary treats and healthy fare
* Consultation and individually-targeted aromatherapy massage
* Swedish massage plus other spa and beauty treatments
* A guided visit to the Arabic baths in Malaga
* Gourmet, in-house meals from the private chef (with the option of cooking with the chef)
* Guides, advice and directions for local excursions, dining and shopping
* Access to the kitchen herb and vegetable gardens for home cooking
* Yoga sessions, personal trainer, trail guide
* Fresh fragrant flowers

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