El Caminito del Rey Hiking Excursion

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At Cortijo el Carligto you find numerous opportunities to delve deep into the local culture, to experience what it is to live and eat like a local, with local people. Expert guides and a network of specialists stand by, eagerly ready to share their insights and passion for their native culture and cuisine. Guided market visits and museum tours, winery and olive mill tours, private visits to some of Andalusia’s most important UNESCO World Heritage sites, cooking courses and even winter ski day trips all await the adventurous traveler.

Developed in conjunction with a local, boutique travel planning company, many of the experiential travel outings available to guests at Cortijo el Carligto focus heavily on the culture and cuisine of Andalusia; however, for thrill seekers looking for something to get the heart pounding, there are a couple of more exhilarating options. One being the infamous Caminito del Rey.

The King's Little Pathway

The name “Caminito del Rey” translates as the King’s little pathway, traversing a gorge from more than 100 metres (328 feet) above the Guadalhorce River. Built at the turn of the 20th century, the path, which contains long stretches of wooden footbridges suspended along the sheer face of the El Chorro gorge, became known as one of the scariest in the world for its steep drops, especially once the path began to fall into disrepair later in the century. The Caminito del Rey earned the infamous title of “world’s most dangerous hike” once sections of the path deteriorated altogether; the walkway was closed for more than a decade after numerous adventurers lost their lives attempting to traverse the dilapidated route. The walkway only reopened in 2015 after a renovation project, and while the altitude and steep drops still make for a hair raising experience, it is no longer an inherently dangerous hike.

Situated in the centre of Malaga province, the El Chorro gorge and the Caminito del Rey trail head lie within little more than an hour from your base at El Carligto. The hike itself is not overly strenuous, taking a highly memorable and enjoyable two to three hours to complete and is suitable for walkers and hikers of all ability levels. The views and landscapes revealed along the hike are absolutely invigorating and nothing short of spectacular. Your guides will explain the curious history of the pathway and ensure that you miss nothing along the way.

Afterwards, look forward to a heartwarming traditional lunch in the countryside to further connect with the nature around you and reflect on the experience. At the end of it all you will be delivered back to your luxurious villa at Cortijo el Carligto with the evening free to do with as you please.

At a Glance:

- Private vehicle and driver if desired
- Private local host throughout
- Expert trail guide
- Lunch
- Entrance tickets and all taxes
- This experience is not available on Mondays
- To book, enquire further, or for any additional details please get in touch here


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