Frigiliana and Winery Experience

Frigiliana and Winery Experience

Oft recognised as one of the prettiest village in all of Spain, Frigiliana prides itself on its sweet local wine, local artists, local honey and simply by being just so sugar-cube perfect and picturesque. This historic village sitting high in the hills overlooking the sea is distinctively Moorish in appearance and design, with a labyrinth of narrow, cobbled streets lined with white-washed houses. Brilliant red geraniums abound on window ledges, balconies, in windows, hanging baskets and on the streets, all adding to the charm and character of this picturesque pueblo blanco village in Southern Spain. Frigiliana really is one of a kind with a very special ambiance. The beauty of the area and the hospitality of the local people have attracted artists, musicians and craftspeople from all over Europe to move to Frigiliana and make this village their home. The mix of cultures only adding to the charm and bohemia of this beguiling Spanish village. And it is quite appropriate as well - Frigiliana is also known as the village of the Three Cultures, celebrating each year the area’s proud history of co-existence and cooperation between the Islamic, Christian and Jewish cultures.

The Gastronomy of Frigiliana

Food - With traditional cuisine and a proud Moorish past, Frigiliana is a favourite enclave of those seeking to enjoy an experiential travel adventure where all five senses are heightened and enlightened. Local rustic culinary specialities include fried kid in almond or garlic sauce, salt cod cakes and cabbage broth, delicious local olive oils, and sweet potatoes with cane sugar. And of course, the muscatel wines of the region must not be forgotten either! The Casa Solariega de los Condes (the ancestral home of the counts), also known as the El Ingenio (the town’s sugar refinery) was built in the late 16th century for the Marques de Larios family. They planted a sugar cane plantation and established the sugar mill, growing to be the largest sugar cane producer in Europe at one time. The building still houses a molasses factory, the Ingenio Nuestra Señora del Carmen— which is the last of its kind in Europe. Small plazas provide shady seating while the village bars are popular with visitors who come here to taste the locally-produced wine…

Wines - There was a time when Málaga wines were famous across the known world, and they are now re-emerging on the world stage. Often enjoyed pre-dinner or as a dessert wine, Vino de Frigiliana is riding the crest of the recent wave of popularity for sweet wines. La Axarquia, the small region in which Frigiliana sits, is one of the main wine-producing areas in Malaga and there are various red and white grape varieties grown, but the principal varieties are used for dessert wines: the Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel grape varieties. Wandering around the pretty cobbled streets there are a number of artisan shops where you can buy local crafts and sample the local potent wines.

Your Personal Winery Tour

After a pleasant village tour we’ll drive you to Bodegas Bentomiz, a nearby winery perched in the Axarquia. Home to the Ariyanas Wines, this fine winery cultivates 80 to 100-year-old vines which flourish in the slate soils, good winter rains and long dry summers enjoyed in Andalucia. The award winning range of fresh, delicate wines produced by the bodega (white, red, rose, dry and sweet) will delight wine aficionados of all tastes and persuasions. In collaboration with chef and restaurant owner Juan Quintanilla, you will go on to enjoy a lip-smacking lunch crafted to match the Ariyanas wines, served in the beautiful setting of the winery with a fabulous view of the valley and the Mediterranean Sea. After experiencing a truly insightful (and delicious) lunch, sit back and take in the sights out the window on your scenic return to El Carligto.

At a Glance:

- The Frigiliana and Winery Experience day excursion is an 8-hour tour from 9:30am until 5:30pm
- Private vehicle and driver (if required)
- Private guide for Frigiliana, tour, lunch and wine tasting (food & drinks) all taxes included
- To book, enquire further, or for any additional details please get in touch here

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